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Car Accident Lawyer No Injury (All You Need To Know)

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Car Accident Lawyer No Injury Overview

There are instances when you get into a car accident where you are not injured but you may still want to file a lawsuit for damages caused to you.

In fact, even though you may not be physically injured following a car accident, you could still file a property damage lawsuit to get compensated for the damages caused to your vehicle and personal property in the vehicle.

A non injury car accident can still result in important financial damages.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in the year 2010, no injury car accidents resulted in over $71 billion in overall costs in the United States.

In addition to seeking compensation for property damage in a damage-only car crash, it may also be possible to claim general damages for emotional distress or post traumatic stress.

According to the Veteran’s Administration, it’s possible that someone involved in a no injury car accident can incur about $4,100 in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) costs within the first year following the accident.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an automobile accident where you may have suffered damages to your vehicle but also suffer emotionally or psychologically afterward, it would be important to consult with lawyers for car accidents without injury for legal advice.

With the help of an experienced and qualified attorney, you’ll be able to assess if you have a valid claim, how much compensation you may get, and what is the procedure to follow.

What To Do In A Car Accident No Injuries

Nobody wants to get into a car accident as it can result in property damage and possibly lead to personal injuries.

However, knowing what to do in case you get into an accident can be very beneficial so that you can not only protect yourself but also ensure that your rights and recourses are protected.

If you are implicated in a no injury car wreck, here are the things that you should do immediately after:

  • It’s important to stay calm (control your anger and don’t panic)
  • Make sure that you are ok or others in the crash are ok
  • Contact the police and file a car accident report 
  • Do not admit fault to anyone 
  • Take a lot of pictures of the scene of the accident (and video if you can)
  • Collect the name of witnesses or others on the scene 
  • Collect the other driver’s car insurance information 

Whether you were at fault or not, you should consider getting a consultation from an accident attorney non injury so you are aware of the legal consequences of the accident and know what to do next.

In many cases, the car accident attorney no injury may offer a free consultation so you can present your story and so he or she can provide you with high-level legal guidance and recommendations.

Should You Hire A Non Injury Accident Attorney

A question that often comes up following a damage-only car accident is whether or not you need to hire a lawyer to provide you with legal representation.

The truth is that you don’t necessarily need an attorney.

If you are in a minor automobile crash and that the negligent driver is well insured, you may be able to get full compensation for your property damage by simply filing an insurance claim.

There are other cases though where the fault of the other driver may not be easy to prove, or the damages cannot be easily proven, the victim of the accident has also suffered post-traumatic stress or other emotional consequences.

In such cases, getting a consultation with a car accident no injury attorney may be worthwhile.

Hiring a lawyer for car accident no injury is not an absolute must, but if you do hire one, you may benefit from the following:

  • The lawyer can assess the nature of your case to determine fault
  • Your attorney can help calculate or assess the amount of damages you may claim
  • He or she will deal with sophisticated insurance companies to negotiate a non injury car accident settlement for you
  • If you have the option of filing a lawsuit in court, you’ll be advised as to your options
  • They can help you build your case and gather all the evidence you need for your claim

Every case is different and it’s difficult to come up with a single answer applicable to all.

If you were involved in an accident, you should consider having an initial consultation with a non injury car accident attorney (in many cases they offer a free consultation) so you can see if it’s worth hiring one to deal with your case.

How To Get Compensation For A Car Accident No Injury

The most common method for getting a no injury car accident compensation is to either file an insurance claim or file a property damage lawsuit against the driver at fault.

There are instances when a no injury car accident can be resolved by filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company (if the driver is insured).

When the negligent driver carries a car insurance policy, by filing a claim, the insurance company will evaluate the damages and determine how much it can pay based on the insured’s coverage limits.

However, in some cases, if the negligent driver is uninsured or there may be other factors, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit before the courts.

For example, according to the Insurance Research Council, there are one in eight drivers that are not insured when driving their vehicles on the road.

As a result, when you are unable to get a car accident compensation no injury directly from an insurance company, then you may have the option to file a legal action against the defendant.

Before filing a suit against the defendant, you should call an accident lawyer no injury to determine if you have the option of filing an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit.

You should also have your lawyer help you determine if you can reasonably expect to receive a car accident no injury settlement or compensation by filing a lawsuit.

How To Prove Your Case

If you are required to file a property damage lawsuit against the parties responsible for the accident, you are likely going to argue that the other party’s negligence caused the accident and, therefore, your damages.

To prove the defendant’s negligence in your property damage lawsuit, you’ll need to demonstrate that:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The defendant breached its duty 
  • The breach resulted in the accident 
  • Your damages were directly or proximately caused by the accident

For example, if the driver caused the accident because he or she was speeding through a red light, that proves the person breached the duty of care owed to you.

By burning through the red light and hitting your car, the defendant directly caused the accident.

The damages to your vehicle are directly caused by the defendant’s breach of its duty (burning the red light).

To prove the facts of the case and your legal position, you may want to use:

  • Police reports
  • Witness testimony 
  • Expert witness to describe the accident
  • Invoices, receipts, and statements showing your financial loss
  • Medical treatment reports if you suffered post-traumatic stress or emotional distress 
  • Pictures and videos that were taken 

To put all the chances on your side in getting a car accident settlement no injuries, consider speaking to an accident attorney no injury to either advise you on how to build your case or have that person handle it for you.

Possible Compensation For A Non Injury Auto Accident

What type of compensation can you get if you were involved in a car crash without any injuries?

Since a motor vehicle accident without physical injuries still results in damages to your car and personal property, you may be able to get compensation for:

  • The amount you spent to repair your car
  • The cost of any upgrades you had made to your vehicle 
  • The amount you spent to buy another car
  • Bus, taxi, and transportation expenses 
  • The cost for renting another vehicle 
  • The value of property in your car that was damaged like cell phone, laptop, child seat or other 

What’s important to remember is that a minor car accident or an auto accident without injury can still result in significant financial losses.

Imagine that a person driving a small passenger car gets into an accident with a large truck or bus, even though the person may walk away without any injuries, the car may suffer significant damage and may even be totally lost. 

A non injury accident can be costly and you have the ability to get compensated for your damages to the extent you were not responsible for the accident.

Delayed Diagnosis In Non-Injury Car Accident

What happens when you get into a car accident and you are relieved knowing that you do not have any injuries and so you do not get any immediate medical attention?

There are cases when a person gets into a car accident but does not “feel” any pain or bodily injuries (likely due to the high level of adrenaline in the body).

However, days, weeks, or months later, they start developing various symptoms impairing their day-to-day living.

In fact, there are some injuries that may take time to develop.

For example, a person may suffer a traumatic brain injury or TBI (commonly referred to as the “silent injury” or “invisible injury”) as it manifests itself after the accident.

A person may also suffer soft tissue injuries resulting from unnatural twisting or stretching of the body but the injuries appear days after the accident.

Another example is to suffer a herniated disk leading to more serious symptoms following the accident.

If you are not immediately treated following a car accident, your claim may be affected as:

  • Your injury will remain untreated for days, weeks, or months resulting in more complications 
  • It may be difficult to attribute the cause of the injury to the accident 
  • The damages suffered can be much higher than if the injury was treated in a timely fashion 

If you are diagnosed with injuries after the accident, you will have the right to pursue those responsible for damages. 

However, the insurance company may not offer you the full compensation that you need or they may deny your claim as they may argue that your injuries are unrelated to the accident.

Before filing a claim, you may want to get the legal opinion of a professional attorney dealing with car accidents where no injury was apparent in the beginning but then diagnosed later.

Auto Accident Lawyer No Injury Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

Can you file a lawsuit after a car accident if you were not hurt?

If you got implicated in a car accident where you were not injured, you may still have suffered damages and incurred financial losses.

That fact is that even minor car crashes can result in thousands of dollars in damages to your vehicle for its repair.

When the accident was caused by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the unexpected repair bills or transportation expenses that you incurred following the accident.

Typically, there are two common ways in getting compensated for your losses:

  • Filing a car accident claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance
  • Filing a lawsuit for property damage in court

After a non injury accident, it’s important to keep all the evidence and documents you have relating to the accident so you can eventually submit it to the insurance company or the court to prove your claim.

If there’s an insurance company that handles your claim, they will send an insurance adjuster to evaluate your car and damages so they can determine the right amount to pay you.

In the event you need to file a legal action against the other driver, you may need to prove the elements of negligence showing that the driver was negligent causing you the damages.

You may not need to hire accident lawyers no injury in all cases.

However, if you are unsure of your claim, what procedure you must follow, what legal recourses you have, or what are your rights and obligations, you may want to call non injury accident lawyers or law firms for advice.

I hope I was able to provide you with the essentials you need to assess your non injury car accident and determine if you should hire an experienced attorney for it or not.

Now, let’s look at a summary of our findings.

Non Injury Car Accident Lawyer Overview

  • A “non-injury” car accident is a type of accident where the drivers implicated may suffer property damage to their vehicle or other personal property but are not physically injured
  • Even though a car collision or crash may not lead to personal injuries, it may still result in significant financial damages and losses
  • In most cases, the victim of the property damage may be able to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company for full compensation
  • In other cases, you may need to retain the services of a non injury car accident lawyer to provide you counseling and guidance in filing a lawsuit in court or getting fair compensation for your damages 
  • A no injury car accident lawyer understands the laws applicable to car accidents, can evaluate your case, determine the value of damages you may claim, and tell you how
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