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Does Aldi Drug Test (Answered: All You Need To Know)

You wonder: Does Aldi Drug Test?

Are you looking to get a job at Aldi?

What’s important to know?

Keep reading as we have gathered exactly the information that you need!

Let me explain to you if Aldi does any drug tests so you know it once and for all!

Are you ready?

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Does Aldi Drug Test

Aldi is well-known as one of the best places to work in the United States. 

However, it’s vital to know that they do have a drug test policy. 

As part of their recruitment guidelines, they may question you on your past, ask about criminal convictions, and do other pre-employment verifications. 

The most common question people ask is: “Does Aldi Drug Test?”

If you’re asking yourself this question, keep reading as I have the scoops for you!

About Aldi

Albrecht Discount, better known as Aldi, is a prominent global discount market group. 

Ana Albrecht founded the company in 1913, and in 1948 her sons Theo and Karl took over the business. 

The company has more than 10 thousand locations worldwide, with approximately 1,600 stores across the United States. 

With more than 150,000 employees on its payroll, Aldi is considered one of the best employers in the USA. 

In a 2021 poll, almost 80% of employees agree that it’s a terrific workplace. 

But why is it so popular among job seekers?

The answer is simple, they offer excellent worker’s packages, including a generous paycheck, health care, and vacation bonuses. 

Since Aldi’s business involves direct interaction with customers, they practice high care in their recruiting process. 

Aldi looks for employers to be ethical, responsible, and customer-friendly. 

How Does Aldi Drug Test Policy Work

Usually, Aldi’s pre-employment drug tests are completed via urinalysis at a testing facility. 

The analysis takes a couple of minutes as it’s quick and easy to perform. 

It’s vital to remember that since a urinalysis can only identify drugs secreted in the urine, some substances might be undetected. 

Regardless, the drug testing practice can usually scare many possible candidates. 

It’s worth pinpointing that every person at Aldi has to take the drug test, including part-time workers, full-time employees, and warehouse staff. 

According to Aldi’s code of conduct, employees must never work or be present in the company under the influence of any substance, including alcohol. 

Of course, employees can’t sell, buy, or manufacture illegal drugs. 

Aldi offers a detailed and exhaustive drug testing process to prevent any inconvenience or legal issues that can harm the company or possible employees. 

The test is essentially for Amphetamines, Cocaine, Opiates, and THC, which are the most common ones. 

About Aldi’s Drug Test Policy

In short, Aldi does have a drug test policy and may ask you to do one.

Aldi implements pre-employment drug tests and occasionally tests its representatives.

According to recent statistics, drug use is on the rise. 

Many companies, including Aldi, are performing drug tests on their employees. 

As of the writing of this post, new employees must pass the test to be hired by the company. 

About The Test Results

It’s essential to understand that you must pass the drug test if you want to work at Aldi. 

If the test result is positive, the company can choose not to hire you. 

Make sure to avoid drug or alcohol usage before applying at Aldi if you want to get a chance to land an excellent job. 

Does Aldi Drug Test FAQs

Is drug testing performed after hiring?

Usually, drug tests are performed during the hiring process. 

However, Aldi can carry out drug tests if they sense it’s required for a specific worker. 

If they suspect you have been under the influence, they can do a drug test to prevent doubts. 

When does Aldi perform drug test?

Aldi is well-known for performing its drug tests in different ways. 

You can expect to be tested in the middle of the second or third interview. 

The recruiting manager will send you to an off-site, third-testing establishment where the urine sample is collected alone in the restroom. 

It’s also possible to be tested upon arriving for an interview. 

All potential candidates are sent to the facility to get tested. 

Aldi encourages a drug-free environment and is serious about the matter, so be ready for a surprising test at any stage of the hiring process. 

What happens in the states where Marijuana is Legal?

Currently, more states in the United States legalize marijuana on recreational or medical premises. 

Up until now, Aldi has not formally stated anything about this matter. 

However, some employees have claimed that due to new marijuana laws, Aldi does not deny prospects from getting hired based on a positive THC result. 

This applies in all states regardless of marijuana legalization status. 

It’s important to mention that the above claims are not official statements or appear in the employee manual. 

So we recommend not taking the risk if you want to work at Aldi. 

Does Aldi perform drug tests in every state?

Since Aldi is present in more than 36 states, it has to observe the laws applicable in every state. 

Drug testing regulations are different in each state. 

There are open states, states with discretional requirements, and those with obligatory demands. 

Make sure to understand the drug testing regulation in your state, but keep in mind that Aldi performs drug tests in every state. 

How to test negative in Aldi drug tests?

Of course, the most effective way to test negative for the Aldi drug test is to stay away from drugs. 

If this is not a viable solution, it’s vital to comprehend that drugs have a limited time in the body. To pass the test, the concentration level should be 50% or less as it’s less likely for the test to detect the substance. 

Commonly abused drugs stay in the body approximately:

  • Amphetamines 34 hours
  • Cocaine 1 hour
  • Marijuana for up to six days
  • Methamphetamine 11 hours

Please note that the above periods are not accurate as many other factors alter the body’s time to eliminate drugs. 

Make sure you stay away from drugs and controlled substances before applying at Aldi as your application will get denied.

When do drug test results come out?

Aldi drug test results are fast, usually in a few days. 

Potential candidates can request an immediate report to obtain the test record on the same day the test was performed. 

Most of the time, you can expect negative results in approximately 24 hours.

But if your test comes back positive, it might take up to 4 days to receive the report as further testing is required. 

The third-party laboratory makes two copies: one for you and another for Aldi’s recruitment manager. 

Your document is usually sent by mail, and your employer receives theirs by courier or email. 

You can contact Aldi’s human resource area after three days if you have not received your results. 

Does Aldi check your criminal records?

Yes, it does.

Even though a criminal conviction may not automatically deny you from getting employed at Aldi, their recruiting policy emphasizes agreement with federal and local laws and administrative regulations and specifications. 

Aldi runs a background check on every potential candidate and manages individual-based evaluations to determine if a person is a good fit for working at the company. 

It’s vital to understand that every applicant is evaluated individually, so don’t get discouraged if you have a felony. 

The factors surrounding the crime, including the nature of the crime, conviction time, rehabilitation, and reintegration, are all considered before deciding. 


So there you have it folks!

Aldi is a well-known company operating discount supermarkets. 

The company performs drug testing for potential candidates in the United States. 

Drug testing guarantees that Aldi employees are drug-free to work harmlessly and productively. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that employees that appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be tested. 

Aldi’s primary objective is to maintain an efficient and healthy workplace environment. 

If you want to get recruited at Aldi, it’s vital to stay clean. 

Now that you know whether or not Alid performs drug tests, good luck in your application process!

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