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Does Amazon Drug Test (Answered: All You Need To Know)

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Does Amazon Drug Test

Amazon is the dominant e-commerce and high-tech company worldwide, established in Seattle, Washington. 

Owner of more than 40 subsidiaries, Amazon was listed by Forbes as one of the best places to work and the number 2 business among the world’s best companies. 

A recent poll among its employees revealed that more than 90% would recommend Amazon as offering a friendly and excellent workplace environment. 

Currently, Amazon employs more than 1.10 million workers around the world. 

Every year the company adds approximately 220,000 new full-time and part-time employees. Due to this exponential growth, Amazon conducts drug tests among its coworkers.

Amazon drug tests are done in compliance with federal and state regulations. 

The company tests potential candidates and employees to uncover the presence of prohibited substances, including alcohol and prescribed drugs. 

Keep reading to learn everything you must know about Amazon drug testing. 

Does Amazon Drug Test Potential Candidates?

Yes, it does.

If you want to work at Amazon, it’s essential to know that all warehouse employees must pass a pre-recruiting drug test. 

The process works as follows:

First, the warehouse manager will interview you and determine if you comply with the job requirements to advance to step 2. 

Then, once you pass the first interview, the company will make a background check. 

This background check includes personal questions, work experience, and overall skills for the job you apply for. 

Third, at this stage, the manager will ask for a drug test. 

To get hired, you need to pass this test. 

The above process varies depending on which job you apply for. 

Usually, you can expect another interview and provide more information about yourself. 

Does Amazon Do A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Yes, it does.

Aside from the recruitment steps you need to complete, you need to pass a pre-employment drug test before you get hired. 

Amazon will hire you and give you a pre-work introduction presentation when you pass the process. 

Please note that Amazon doesn’t conduct a drug test in the first interview. 

The test is usually the last step of the hiring process. 

Amazon only requests testing on those potential candidates that have already gone through several hiring steps. 

Drug testing will not happen during orientation day. 

You have already been tested negative for substance abuse if you’re invited to a pre-work introduction presentation. 

Amazon orientation day means attending different work activities, including safety training, job trials, and facility tours. 

Once you get hired, you will not be drug tested on your first day at work. 

Does Amazon Test Employees Randomly?

Yes, it does.

Amazon does test employees randomly. 

This means you can expect a drug test at any time. 

The company follows a clear procedure for this. 

There will be a random selection of workers, which the company will ask to perform a test to determine if they’re free of drugs. 

All the process is random, so it’s impossible to have time to prepare or try to beat the test results. 

This also means there is a higher possibility of never getting tested while working at Amazon. 

Remember, Amazon has thousands of workers, so the risk of being selected is low. 

Still, if you want to keep your job, it’s best to avoid unnecessary risks. 

Employees who work using heavy equipment, which can cause accidents, have a higher chance of getting tested. 

For that reason, Amazon’s random drug tests are obligatory. 

What Drugs Amazon Tests For?

Amazon tests for the most common substances, including cocaine, marijuana, meth, and opiates. 

The company also conducts the 5-or 12- panel test to look for various drugs like ecstasy, benzodiazepine, PCP, and propoxyphene. 

It’s vital to understand that you won’t be working at Amazon if you test positive for any drugs mentioned. 

This is due to Amazon recruiting guidelines. 

Amazon doesn’t record those potential candidates who don’t pass their drug tests. 

You can apply to other companies or reapply to Amazon without this red flag. 

The company doesn’t share your test results with other companies. 

So, you may get yourself free of drugs and get the job of your dreams. 

Besides, if you consume medical marijuana, Amazon may recruit you. 

However, you need to present your doctor’s prescription. 

If not, you’ll get tested like everyone else at the company. 

What Type of Drug Testing is Conducted by Amazon?

Everyone who applies for a job at Amazon, regardless of whether it’s in their online app, job fair, or at one of its warehouses or stores, must pass a drug test. 

As mentioned, the test is the last step of the recruiting process. 

You’re authorized to start working when your pre-hiring drug test results are delivered, and you’re negative for substance abuse. 

Remember, Amazon continuously performs random drug tests on employees. 

Also, if you get promoted, apply for a new job within the company, or are involved in an incident, you will be asked to pass another drug test. 

Remember that Amazon will do a background check on you before getting hired and the drug test. 

Amazon outsources third-party labs to perform its drug screening. 

You can expect to complete either a urine or mouth swab drug test in a local facility. 

When Do I Receive the Test Results?

Typically you’ll receive your drug test results within 72 hours; however, sometimes, it can take up to ten days. 

How long it takes depends exclusively on the lab used by the company where you conduct your drug test. 

Some labs are faster than others and will give your results within a few days. 

Amazon’s recruiting policy demands that everyone looking to work with the company must be tested. 

Are Amazon’s Corporate Employees Tested for Drugs?


Drug tests are required only for warehouse employees. 

Corporate workers are not screened for drugs. 

They’re not drug tested during the recruiting process nor when they’re hired. 

However, Amazon can and will take disciplinary measures if you’re intoxicated in the workplace. 

What are Amazon’s Mouth Swab Tests?

While Amazon can use different drug tests like urine and hair, the company conducts a particular method known as a mouth swab test. 

Mouth swab tests are explicitly performed for Amazon by medical professionals for the company’s candidates. 

This means it’s challenging to cheat during the procedure as it’s closely supervised. 

It’s vital to understand that mouth swabs are only practical for uncovering recent drug use. 

So, it’s possible to pass the screening since substances like THC only stay in the saliva for approximately 24 hours. 

This means that you need to stay clean from drugs for up to 48 hours if you want to pass the mouth swab test. 

After this time, the test can’t identify the THC in the saliva. 

Passing Amazon’s mouth swab tests allow people who consume a higher chance of getting hired as they only need to keep a clean system for about 24 hours. 

Amazon can also use a urine drug test that is more effective for detecting substances in the body after several days.

What are Amazon’s Policies Regarding Marijuana?

According to an Amazon HR representative, the company has modified its test policies for marijuana to support the federal legislation to legalize the drug. 

Amazon announced in June 2021 that potential candidates would not be asked to test for marijuana. 

However, people applying for jobs supervised by the Department of Transportation will continue drug testing for marijuana to prevent accidents. 

Additionally, Amazon will continue to do random tests on its employees and will test for substance abuse, including alcohol and marijuana, after an incident. 

The company loosened its marijuana requirements after acknowledging the large number of US states legalizing cannabis. 

More people can apply for a position at Amazon, increasing the labor market. 

It’s essential to understand that by relaxing the marijuana policies, Amazon provides new opportunities for people to land excellent jobs. 

Recent studies showed that sooner or later, more Americans will have legal access to marijuana. 

Currently, 37 states have regulated medical marijuana, and 16 states and Washington DC have approved recreational marijuana for adults. 

Plus, 68% of people across the nation agree with legalizing marijuana. 

Amazon supports the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021, which promotes legalizing marijuana at a Federal level. 

This act encourages tax cannabis at 5% to finance criminal, social, and justice initiatives. 

It appears that Amazon is currently looking at the possibility of embarking on the weed delivery service. 

This means that once the Federal government legalizes marijuana, you’ll be able to purchase cannabis on Amazon along with other consumer products. 


So there you have it folks!

Amazon drug tests are conducted to ensure a safer working environment. 

A drug-free workplace reduces the risks and emergencies of a worker under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

Healthy employees boost productivity and improve performance. 

Currently, Amazon uses mouth swab tests as its preferred testing method as the last step of the company’s recruiting process. 

The company does not conduct cannabis tests as more states are legalizing the use of marijuana. 
Now that you know if Amazon drug tests or not, good luck with your research!

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