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Does FedEx Drug Test (Answered: All You Need To Know)

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Does FedEx Drug Test 

FedEx Corporation is a well-known American company based in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Its primary services are transportation, particularly helpful for e-commerce businesses. 

Currently, FedEx is widely used for its air delivery service. 

The company was one of the first shipping businesses to offer overnight delivery as part of its FedEx Express service. 

It also managed several other subsidiaries, including FedEx Office, FedEx Ground, FedEx Supply Chain, and FedEx Freight.

Additionally, FedEx works as a government contractor, supporting the transportation of the United States Postal Service deliveries through their Air Cargo Network contract. 

The company is among the most profitable transportation companies worldwide.

The real question is if FedEx performs any drug tests when hiring new employees?

FedEx is known to conduct pre-employment drug tests to ensure its employees a safe and healthy workplace. 

Employees who drive heavy machinery must take the DOT-mandated five-panel screening with the aim to detect the use of amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, PCP, and THC. 

Other employees are also tested for drugs depending on the nature of the position and the company’s needs.

Are FedEx Drivers Drug Tested?

Yes, they are.

In the United States, it is illegal to drive intoxicated, even in places where recreational or medical marijuana has been legalized. 

FedEx drug tests drivers to obey federal laws, particularly the US Department of Transportation. 

The company drug tests drivers at every Department of Transportation physical. 

In some locations, the screening is once a year; in others, every two years. 

Does FedEx Ground Drug Test?


It appears that there are no drug screens of package handlers at FedEx ground or FedEx express. 

However, if you’re seeking to be hired as a package handler, the company conducts a pre-employment drug test. 

Package workers are not tested. 

Keep in mind that the company does a background check to certify you have not been sentenced to any crime or felony. 

There are differences between pre-employment drug tests for those candidates applying for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground positions. 

Usually, drug screenings are more common for the Express recruiting process but less for Ground jobs. 

Even though this information is unclear, it’s wise to know that FedEx’s hiring policy promotes a drug-free work environment, so be prepared to submit a drug test, even though this might not occur.

Do Operation Managers Drug Test?

According to some FedEx workers, every person who applies for an operations position is drug tested at some point in time.

So if you are not drug tested upon hire, you may be tested during your employment.

Why does FedEx Conduct Drug Tests?

The company promotes a drug-free work environment to ensure the safety and satisfaction of employees, employers, and customers. 

It’s essential to remember that FedEx employees are in contact with dangerous materials, which can cause accidents or pose hazards to clients and workers. 

By conducting a pre-employment drug test, the company ensures everyone’s safety.

The company performs the same screening method for all candidates, leaving aside the position. 

Everyone who wants to apply for a job position at FedEx must provide a urine sample during the recruiting process. 

If the company considers a problem with the first sample test, they will request another one.

According to employees, FedEx does not necessarily drug test everyone upon hire.

Since there are many positions to be filled, the company’s objective is to hire as many qualified workers as possible.

When is the FedEx Drug Test Conducted?

You can expect a drug test at any moment if you work at FedEx. 

Drug tests are usually conducted during the recruiting process and when you apply for another position within the company. 

Typically, you will not get tested until you pass the hiring process steps and the company offers you a job. 

FedEx drivers are tested to comply with federal regulations as driving under the influence is a crime. 

Also, the Department of Transportation requests regular drug tests, so don’t be surprised if you have to provide a random test. 

If the company suspects you’re using drugs or alcohol, it can demand a screening. 

Office and warehouse workers may not have drug screenings. 

Remember, drug tests are not required under federal law for all employees, but they’re conducted due to the company’s policy. 

What Substances do FedEx Tests For?

Potential candidates and staff must comply with a drug test for the following substances:

  • Prescribed medications
  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamine
  • Meth
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Hallucinogens
  • PCP
  • Opioids
  • Sedatives

FedEx requests a pre-employment drug test after the applicant successfully concludes the interview. 

The test is usually performed at a third-party institution where the candidates are transported to provide a urine sample. 

You can anticipate the process to last up to seven days. 

When will I receive my FedEx Drug Test Results?

The FedEx drug test is quick and straightforward as it only takes a couple of minutes. 

You can expect to receive the results within 24 to 48 hours. 

Since the company also performs background checks, including criminal records, you’ll need to wait approximately a week to complete the hiring process. 

What Type of Drug Test does FedEx Conduct?

Usually, the company prefers a urine drug test. 

Keep in mind that it’s challenging to tamper with the results as the urine temperature is taken to guarantee that it’s an authentic sample. 

It’s also possible for FedEx to request mouth swabs and blood drug screenings for candidates and employees.

When should I expect FedEx to Conduct a Drug Test?

Since FedEx is present in all 50 states, the hiring policy depends on the location and job position. 

However, you can expect to be drug tested during the recruiting process. 

Suppose you’re applying for a FedEx driver position. 

The company is forced to conduct a drug and alcohol test before hiring as it’s a DOT-regulated job. 

Additionally, the company will demand your screening files from other DOT-regulated employers for the last two years. 

When you’re applying for other positions, testing differs. 

According to a candidate from Nevada, FedEx performs a drug test as part of the orientation program. 

FedEx requests drug screenings as the last step of the recruiting process, which is usually after completing the interview and you’re offered a position. 

What Happens if I fail the FedEx Drug Test?

As a top leading company, FedEx drug tests to ensure a safe environment by preventing that none of its workers are under the influence. 

It’s vital to understand that screening can uncover recent use of prescription drugs, illegal substances, alcohol, and marijuana. 

The primary reason for conducting these drug tests is to ensure employees and candidates comply with employee safety and security guidelines. 

Drug tests are also performed to prevent the employees from behaving erratically due to drug or alcohol abuse, affecting productivity at the workplace. 

Also, drug screenings are excellent for preventing the company from recruiting applicants who consume drugs, alcohol, or marijuana. 

If you fail to pass the pre-employment drug test, you’re immediately disqualified for the job, particularly if you’re applying for a driver’s career. 

For other positions, it’s also not likely that the company will hire or promote you if you test positive for drug use. 

Keep in mind that FedEx will suspend or fire you if you don’t pass a random drug test as an employee. 

The company may suggest a detoxification program or therapy in some cases. 

These tests are closely monitored, so cheating is almost impossible.  

Regardless of your drug test results, the company is required to inform you of your test restul. 

Can I Say No to a FedEx Drug Test?

It’s possible to say no to taking a drug screening. 

Unfortunately, doing so can result in adverse consequences. 

In some states, the employer has the authority to follow a disciplinary action, including suspending or firing you.

Also, the company can withdraw the job offer and don’t hire you just the same way it will if you have failed the drug test. 

Plus, FedEx drivers must comply with DOT regulations which means you can’t drive before passing a drug screening. 

We recommend staying drug-free if you want to work at FedEx. 


So there you have it folks!

FedEx Corporation is a leading company that offers terrific job opportunities. 

It’s a great place to work if you’re looking for future growth. 

If you’re seeking a part-time job or extra income during the last quarter of the year, FedEx is also an excellent option. 

Even though this sounds amazing, it’s essential to keep in mind that they conduct pre-employment drug tests

Job applicants are usually drug tested during the hiring process. 

Additionally, in some FedEx locations, random screenings are conducted. 

The company supports and encourages a safe and healthy work environment to fulfill customer needs and avoid employee accidents, incidents, and issues. 

Now that you know whether or not FedEx drug tests, good luck with your research!

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