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How To Find Property Owner By Address (All You Need To Know)

Wondering: How To Find Property Owner By Address?

How can you find a property owner’s information?

What’s important to know?

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How To Find The Property Owner of A Street Address

Did you know that it’s possible to find the property owner of a street address? 

All you need is to search the public property assessment records

We recommend visiting the assessor’s office in person or using the office’s online database. 

You can find the owner’s name, address, and phone number with one quick and simple search. 

The Assessor’s Office

The primary job of the assessor’s office is to assess property values. 

The property assessor does not collect taxes. 

Its responsibility is to find all taxable properties in the county and estimate their value. 

A property’s assessed value is typically 35% of the appraised value (as a general rule).

An assessor’s office is located in every state and several counties. 

There are certain assessors that only work at a county jurisdiction instead of a state level. 

Public Records Directory

For instance, the Free Public Records Directory is a website where it’s published the assessor and property tax regulations for each state. 

To find the assessor’s office select the state from the menu to display the contact information.

Once you have the assessor’s office contact information, go to its website, search property tax records, and find out the owner by the address. 

It’s possible to discover who has rights to the home and how much property tax is paid.

Searching this way for a property owner is free of charge. The assessor’s office might charge a fee if you need physical documents.

Another way to find the location of the assessor’s office is to write the word “assessor + the city + the state” in the browser. 

If there is no luck finding the information, contact the city hall or the mayor’s office in the city or county and request the office’s data that estimates property values. 

How to Use the Data from the Assessor’s Office

When you find the assessor’s office’s name and location, visit and request assistance to review its files. 

Give the property’s street address. 

Usually, an employee can help you in these types of searches.

Some offices offer phone assistance with property ownership and online database search.

States like California keep property assessment and tax property files in each county assessor’s agencies

Commonly these offices offer an online database by parcel number and address.

For instance, the San Francisco Assessor-Recorder’s Office provides high-technology with an interactive map that facilitates the identification of the property you’re interested in.

Alternative Methods To Find Property Owner By Address

Besides the assessor’s office, there are other ways you can employ to find the property owner of a street address.

Let’s look at the most common alternative methods. 

Title Companies

You can find an owner by address by contacting a title company. 

Title companies find information about properties. 

It’s possible to ask a title company to gather a title report on the property address for a fee. 

This way, you can avoid searching for the information and discover the property owner of an address.

Requesting a title report will provide you with more data than the owner’s name. 

This is an excellent option if you’re investing in the property because you receive:

  • A legal description of the property
  • Property tax
  • Property assessed value
  • Title assignment information
  • All open recorded liens or known liens

As you can see, ordering a title report can be worthwhile when you’re planning to purchase the property.

Please note that a title report is part of the home buying process, but you can do it whenever you want to find out more about a property.

You can expect to pay between $200 and $400 for a title report.

County Clerk’s Office

You can visit the county clerk’s office to find out the property owner of a street address. 

The county clerk’s office is an excellent place to search for public records of property, legal contracts, and other helpful data.

Here you can uncover vital information like the property’s history and house owner. 

It’s best to visit the county clerk’s office and request the data as may be easier than doing it by phone or online.

Contact a Realtor

Real estate agents are an excellent source of property information. 

If you’re looking for a property owner, contact your realtor. 

They’ll probably have the data as they’re constantly conducting property searches.

Realtors can dig deeper and might find information not accessible to everyone.

Your Local Library

It’s also wise to visit your local library and check out its database. 

Usually, this database can provide you with the property information, including the owner’s name. 

You can visit the library in person or through its website.

Go to the Address and Leave a Note

You can go to the address, knock on the door, and leave a note. 

Going to the address increases your chances of personally meeting the owner. 

If the property owner isn’t there, there might be someone who knows him.

Respectfully ask for the name of the owner to whoever opens the door. 

If the property is empty, leave a note. 

Make sure to write down your contact information and why you want to get in touch with the owner.

Please note that even though this approach might be practical, it could be fruitless. 

It’s possible the owner won’t talk to you. However, it could be a faster method to know if the property is on sale or not.

Contact an Attorney

Attorneys, particularly real estate lawyers, might have the information you’re looking for. 

Talk to an attorney as they might help find the property owner if you have been unsuccessfully on your own.

Search Online

The internet is an excellent source of information and might be a lifesaver. 

There are many websites such as Whitepages and 411.com that you can use to find the property owner of a street address. 

Submit the property address to receive the name of who resides there.

This approach is risky as the information might not be updated. 

You can get a list of previous owners. 

Usually, these websites charge you for the data and they might ask you to open an account.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are excellent for finding property information. 

These lists can provide you with the person you’re trying to contact. 

Even though this is no a free option, it can be worthy as they can give the email and phone data of the property owner.

These marketing lists commonly have property features, neighborhood information, and demographic statistics. 

Using this service can make the process faster and easier.

The downside of mailing lists is that they can be expensive and don’t guarantee the accuracy of the information

Plus, obtaining these lists can be challenging. 

Why Find Property Owner’s Information

When you get property information, you receive the owner’s name and contact information. 

This insight can help you contact the owner as you will know how to approach him or her.

For instance, if you’re an investor, you could use a different type of communication with an individual who owns the property free of debt versus a person who has a mortgage.

Accurate information about the property increases your chances of success with cold phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and direct mail.

You can use the data to know who to contact and prioritize your tasks.

Contacting Property Owners

Once you find the property owner and relevant information, it’s time to get in touch (if that’s what you want to do of course). 

Here are some tips on how to do it.

Don’t give up

Contacting a person once is not enough, so follow up. 

Getting a property is not easy, so be patient.

Keep track of your progress

It’s impossible to be successful without tracking your progress with prospects.


So there you have it folks!

You can use many methods to find the property owner of a street address. 

The most straightforward is to go to an assessor’s office or the county clerk. 

This is an excellent alternative, particularly if you only need a few names. 

But if you need more, it could be a long and tedious process.

Another option is to contact a title company. 

Usually, title reports provide vital information about the property, such as a legal description, property owner name, assessed value, title assignment data, and all open recorded liens or known liens.

Keep in mind title reports can be expensive. Still, they’re worth it if you’re looking for a complete property description.

Which method you choose to find the property information depends on your goal

Now that you know how to find a property owner of a street address, good luck with your research!

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