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Net of Tax (Meaning And Why It’s Important)

What does Net of Tax mean?

Why should you calculate your net of tax values when making financial decisions?

What’s important to know?

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What Does Net of Tax Mean

The phrase “net of tax” means a transaction or financial data that you are considering after all taxes have been paid.

For example, if a company earns $1,000,000 in total revenues in a year and pays $200,000 in taxes, then we’d say that the company generated $800,000 net of tax.

Essentially, to determine what is net of tax, you’ll need to take the gross value of a transaction and deduct taxes that are paid or expected to be paid so you can get to the after-tax value (or get the net value after taxes).

Net of Tax Definition

How do you define net of tax?

Here is a simple definition that we can offer to define net of tax:

Net of tax refers to an amount that you get after you subtract taxes from the gross figures

According to Investopedia, they define net of tax to mean:

Net of tax is the amount left after adjusting for the effects of taxes

According to the Accounting Coach, the definition of net of tax is:

A gross amount minus the income tax associated with the gross amount

How Does Net of Tax Work

Every individual and business is exposed to paying taxes.

As a result, knowing how much you make and how much you’ll end up with after you’ve paid your taxes is crucial for sound financial planning.

There are many transactions that will require you to pay taxes.

When that is the case, you typically start with a “gross value”, you then subtract your taxes, and you end up with the “net value” which is the after-tax value of the transaction.

For example, an individual that earns ordinary income will have to pay income taxes.

As such, a person earning $50,000 in gross salary per year may have to pay $15,000 in taxes leaving him or her a salary net of tax of $35,000.

Why Is Net of Tax Important

There are many reasons why it’s important to evaluate a transaction, consider an investment, or make financial plans by netting the taxes.

Here are some reasons why it’s important that you do your net of tax calculation:

  • You are able to evaluate different investment options by considering how much money will be left in your pocket after taxes
  • You can make better financial decisions by aiming to lower your taxes 
  • You can better calculate the net proceeds of a transaction 

In essence, if you are earning money, by calculating your net of tax earnings, you’ll know how much money you’ll truly end up in your bank account.

If you are looking to sell an asset, you will be able to calculate your net sale proceeds.

Calculating your net of tax is crucial for proper tax planning, financial planning, and deciding between different investment and financial options that can provide you the best return.

Net of Tax Strategies

Anyone having investments or looking to invest will want to adopt strategies to maximize their return on investment and minimize their tax obligations.

Having a sound tax plan is key the more money you have invested.

There are many ways that you can reduce your tax exposure so that your investment net of tax can be as highest as it can be.

For instance, there are some investment vehicles that have preferential tax treatment or are even tax-exempt.

If you were to invest $100,000 in purchasing a real estate property and selling it for a profit in the future, your tax exposure will be different than if you invested $100,000 in a tax-free investment (where you’d pay no taxes on your profit).

When a particular investment is tax-free, then your gross value will essentially be equal to your net of taxes (as there are no taxes to deduct).

You also have other types of accounts such as 401k accounts, Roth IRAs, or other investment vehicles allowing you to reduce your taxes so that your gross investment value is optimized.

Net of Tax Formula

How do you calculate the net of tax values?

Here is a generic formula that represents how the net of tax values are calculated:

Net of Tax = Gross Value – Taxes on Gross Value

As you can see from this net of tax formula, to get the amount net of taxes, you need to start with the gross value of the transaction (your starting point), then calculate your taxes, and subtract the tax from the gross.

The tax laws are complex and different types of transactions can lead to a different kind of taxation.

In some cases, anyone can easily calculate the tax value but in other cases, tax lawyers and tax accountants may need to be hired to do the calculation.

For example, if you earn $50,000 of ordinary income, the actual value of the taxes that you’ll pay will be different than if you were to earn $50,000 in capital gains or dividend income.

Net of Tax Meaning Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

What is net of tax in simple terms?

Is net before or after taxes?

Net of tax is the amount you get once you deduct the applicable taxes from your gross income or a transaction’s gross value.

In other words, the net is after taxes.

Businesses are particularly interested in their earnings net of tax as they can determine their profits and losses.

When you consider income before taxes, we’ll refer to it as gross income.

When you refer to income after tax, we’ll refer to that as net income or gross income net of tax.

By carefully calculating your net of tax figures, you’ll be able to make better financial decisions and assess investment options that will result in lower taxes to you (thereby higher profits).

Every transaction can result in a different value net of tax.

For example, ordinary income and capital gains are not taxed the same way.

As a result, $100,000 of ordinary income and $100,000 of capital gains will result in a different amount net of tax as they are subject to different tax rates.

Now that you know what net taxes mean, good luck with your research and tax planning!

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

Understanding Net of Tax

  • Net of tax is a phrase used to refer to the end result of an initial amount (or gross value) minus the applicable taxes 
  • You’ll hear of the phrase net of tax quite a bit in accounting, investment planning, and business financial reporting as it’s a measure of net profits or return on investment 
  • If there are no taxes to pay, then the gross value will equal the net of tax
  • It’s important to calculate your net of taxes so that you can see how much money you are truly earning or if you’re selling something, how much money will be deposited into your bank account
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