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San Diego Superior Court (California Courts: All You Need To Know)

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San Diego Superior Court Overview

The San Diego Superior Court is part of the California trial court system.

In California, there are 58 trial courts across the state and San Diego represents the second largest court system.

San Diego is second to the Los Angeles courts and precedes the Orange County and Santa Clara County courts.

Types of Cases Handled By the County of San Diego Superior Court

The Superior Court in San Diego handles a variety of cases.

To illustrate the types of legal cases and lawsuits they handle, here is list of what they have authority over:

  • Hear appeal cases relating to limited and unlimited civil, family and probate cases
  • Civil cases including both limited civil cases of $25,000 or less and unlimited cases over $25,000
  • Criminal cases for felony and misdemeanor crimes
  • Family law cases including divorce, legal separation, marriage annulments, child custody, spousal support and domestic violence
  • Family support cases related to child support 
  • Juvenile court cases involving juvenile dependency, abuse, neglect, adoption, delinquency
  • Landlord and tenant disputes or unlawful detainer cases 
  • Mental health cases relating to evaluations, investigations, hearings, and bench trials
  • Non-traffic infraction cases related to city municipal codes such as pedestrian violations, smoking in restricted areas, bicycling, sleeping on a park bench
  • Probate cases including decedents’ estates, trust proceedings, guardianship proceedings, conservatorship proceedings
  • Small claims cases relating to civil monetary judgments of $7,500 or less 
  • Traffic cases relating to all traffic infractions 

Superior Court San Diego County Facts

The San Diego Superior Court is a well-developed court system handling many cases in the course of a year.

It serves a territory of 4,261 square miles in California and over 3.1 million people served.

In the County, there are 7 court facilities serving the people where each facility will handle a legal case depending on where the parties potentially live, the nature of the legal action, or the way the court has centralized its services.

San Diego County Courthouses And Locations

Here are the San Diego County courthouses (the links here provide you with the location of the courthouse on the map):

San Diego Central Courthouse
1100 Union Street
San Diego CA 92101

Hall of Justice
330 West Broadway
San Diego CA 92101
Kearny Mesa Facility 
8950 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego CA 92123
Juvenile Court
2851 Meadow Lark Drive
San Diego CA 92123
East County Regional Center
250 East Main Street
El Cajon CA 92020
North County Regional Center
Vista Regional Center
325 South Melrose Drive
Vista CA 92081
South County Regional Center
South Bay Regional Center
500 Third Avenue
Chula Vista CA 91910

You can look up the California Courts website to get more information on the 7 courthouses in San Diego and the type of matters they handle.

For more general information about each courthouse, you can visit the following links:

For juvenile courts:

San Diego Court Takeaways 

So what should you know about the San Diego Superior Court?

For any information relating to the San Diego Court, self-help services, filing lawsuits, frequently asked questions, and forms, you should visit the San Diego Superior Court website.

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

San Diego County Superior Court

  • The Superior Court of CA San Diego is the second largest court system in California
  • There are 58 trial courts in California representing the largest of its kind in the world 
  • The court handles a variety of cases in areas such as civil cases, family law cases, juvenile related, landlord and tenant issues, mental health cases, traffic and non-traffic cases, small claim matters, and more
  • There are seven court locations across the San Diego County in the downtown area, and spread in the north, east, and south regions 
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Civil lawsuit 
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Class action lawsuit 
Criminal court
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Family court
Motion hour 
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Restraining orders 
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San Diego Supreme Court
Small claims court 
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