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SSA 561 (Best Overview: All You Need To Know About SSA-561-U2)

What is SSA 561?

When should you use the SSA-561-U2 form?

How do you complete it?

We will look at what it is, why you should complete a Form 561 (Request for Reconsideration), what it looks like, how to fill out the 561 SSA form, where you can get additional resources and more!!

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What is SSA 561

An SSA 561 form titled Request For Reconsideration is a form you must use to appeal a decision of the Social Security Administration’s office (SSA) denying your application or rendering a decision you are not satisfied with.

If you disagree with the SSA decision regarding your social security application, continue reading this article as we go over the specifics of the SSA-561 form.

This form is an alternative way for contesting a denied social security disability application or supplemental security income application instead of appealing online.

In many cases, when your social security disability application is denied (over two-thirds of all applications are initially denied), you’ll need to file an SSA-561 contestation.

In some cases, you’ll need to submit additional documents or forms with your SSA-561 such as an SSA-3441 (disability report appeal) or SSA-827 (authorizing the SSA office to request and access medical records from third parties).

It is highly recommended that you take this opportunity to either consult with a social security disability lawyer or have one represent you formally.

What is the purpose of SSA-561

Form SSA-561 is used for different types of appeals or contestations of SSA decisions.

On page 2 of the SSA-561-US form, there is an outline of many possible scenarios or situations where you may potentially want to contest the SSA decision, such as:

  • Disability benefits denial
  • Contesting entitlement benefits
  • Penalties imposed 
  • Amount of benefit 
  • Reduction, suspension or termination of benefits
  • Reentitlement benefits
  • Recalculation of benefits

You may contest certain decisions even if they are not outlined on the SSA 561 document as a possible administrative action.

Note that the list on the form is non-exhaustive.

What does the SSA 561 form look like

SSA 561 - Request for Reconsideration

Get the SSA 561 here!

Outline of Social Security Form SSA 561 

The Social Security Form SSA 561 is composed of several sections:

  • Request for reconsideration 
  • Three ways to appeal
  • Contact information 
  • Section reserved for the Social Security Administration

The top portion of the form is the request for reconsideration section where you must enter basic information about the claim such as name, social security number and claim number.

You must then explain the issue that you are appealing along with the reasons justifying your contestation.

In the middle part of the form, you have a section applicable to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Special Veterans Benefits (SVB) reconsiderations only.

If this area is applicable to you, you’ll need to indicate whether you are looking for a case review, informal conference or formal conference.

A case review is when you provide additional information to the SSA office and reconsider their decision.

An informal conference is when you ask to meet someone at the SSA office where you will go in person to explain your contestation grounds or reasoning.

A formal conference is when the SSA sets up a conference where they may have third parties attend the conference to get a better understanding of your case and contestation.

In the third section, you must include your contact information.

This is pretty straightforward.

The last section is reserved for the SSA office administrator to complete.

How do you fill out the SSA 561 appeal form

Carefully read your SSA 561 appeal form to ensure you get a good overall grasp of what the form is about and select the right options.

Filling out the appeal SSA 561 U2 form is quite simple (although it is recommended you consult with an attorney to determine what reasons you will provide to justify your reconsideration request).

The SSA 561 form PDF  is available as a fillable PDF version directly on the SSA website.

Complete all the fillable areas and make sure you answer all the required fields.

Get the SSA PDF document providing you with instructions for completing the SSA-561 form!

How to submit SSA 561 U2 request for reconsideration form

Once you have completed your SSA Form 561, you are now ready to submit it to the SSA office.

The completed form, containing the identification of the appealed issues along with your reasons in support of the appeal, must be sent to your local SSA office. 

You can find the SSA local office using the SSA Office Locator tool provided on the SSA website.

A request for reconsideration can take months to resolve. 

You should make sure you consult with a social security lawyer or professional before you submit your SSA 561 form and documents to ensure you covered all your angles.

Additional resources on SSA 561

If you are looking for more information and resources on Form SSA-561, you can consult the following resources:

Social Security Administration

For more information on the SSA 561, you can contact the SSA office at 1-800-772-1213.

For any public inquiries, you can also write to the Social Security Administration office at the following address:

Good Luck!

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