When To Call Lawyer When You Get Bit By A Dog (Overview)

When To Call Lawyer When You Get Bit By A Dog?

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When To Call Lawyer When You Get Bit By A Dog

What should you do if you get bitten by a dog?

In many cases, when a person gets bitten by a dog, the victim will not think much of it and move on with his or her life.

However, what would you do if the dog bite was so severe that you ended up going to the hospital?

What if you developed a fear of dogs or animals in general affecting your overall life?

There are cases when it may be important to contact a dog bite lawyer for legal advice.

Regardless of who may be at fault (dog owner or victim), if you or someone you know is a victim of a dog bite, it may be worth at least consulting with a dog bite lawyer for guidance.

In the United States, dog bite claims or lawsuits fall under the category of personal injury claims.

As a result, following the dog bite accident, it’s important to file a claim (if that’s what you decide) as soon as possible to avoid being time-barred due to the application of the statute of limitations.

Every state will have statute of limitations laws defining how long a person has to file a personal injury claim (statute of limitations lookup).

By speaking with an experienced attorney who understands the dog bite laws applicable in your state, the statute of limitations, personal injury claims, and lawsuit settlements, you can get a good idea whether you have a case or not.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites may result in different types of injuries such as:

Such injuries can be compensated in law.

Dog Bite Laws

Dog bite laws are designed to define dog owner’s liability in the event of a dog bite.

In certain states, remedies for dog bites are rooted in common law while other states have dog bite statutes.

It’s a good idea to call an attorney for dog bites who can easily assess which laws apply to the dog bite accident.

It may be that the dog bite statutes are the only set of laws that apply, in other cases only the common law applies, while in other cases both the dog bite statute and common law applies.

Statutes of Limitations

Statute of limitations is a legal concept relating to the time period a person has to file a claim.

For example, if the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim is three years for a certain type of claim, the victim or claimant must file a claim within three years.

Any claims filed after the expiration of the statute of limitations timeline will be time-barred.

Dog Attacks Statistics In The United States

According to statistics, there are over 4.5 million dog attacks in the United States every year.

Out of that, over 800,000 dog attacks result in serious damages.

Most dog bites do not result in serious medical injuries or physical harm.


So, do you need a dog bite attorney?

Should you call an attorney if you get bitten by a dog?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

When To Call Lawyer When You Get Bit By A Dog

  • If you or someone you know gets bitten by a dog, it’s worth calling a qualified dog bite attorney for advice
  • Dog bites may result in severe personal injuries and medical expenses and a person may file a claim to seek compensation for such damages 
  • Dog bites fall under the category of personal injury claims
  • A person at fault for causing another personal injury must compensate the other for damages suffered
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